The New Trend in Hair is Organic Color

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For decades upon decades, women and men alike have expressed themselves through hair color. Whether one dyes their hair to cover grays, try a completely new look, or just to touch up their roots, it is something that many people will do at least once in their lives.

But as the years have gone by, people have grown to be more conscious of what they’re putting in, or on, their bodies. They want the best-quality hair-care for the healthiest, most beautiful hair possible, and who can blame them? With organic and sustainable products permeating every other industry, it is about time hair care caught up.

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In Boca Raton, Florida, renowned international colorist Sima Sara works tirelessly to develop a superior approach to hair color and design at her salon, Salon Sima. The health and beauty of her clients’ hair, as well as client happiness, is a top priority for Sara. Client considerations and concerns always come first, which extends all the way down to the products the staff at Salon Sima use.

Salon Sima is the first salon in Boca to integrate organic products with their product line-up. These organic products are used just like any other high-quality hair-care product. Each organic color line is well tested by Sima’s staff, so they can say for a fact that these products provide exceptional color pay-off every time.

Whether a client comes to Salon Sima for color, cut, or both, they can expect the best treatment in the business. Each stylist is Vidal Sassoon educated, and they continue to receive advanced training past their licensure. This mean that no matter who clients schedule a service with, they will receive the most cutting-edge treatment in the business. The stylists know exactly how to give their clients what they want.

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Few salons in south Florida work to foster relationships with their guests like the staff at Salon Sima. The stylists are passionate about their work and their client’s happiness, and they do their best to make sure the client has a relaxing, personalized experience. You can’t get that warm, friendly service anywhere else.

For more information on Salon Sima, call (561) 395-1344, fill out this form, or visit the salon.

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