Dr. Wilson DuMornay Specializes In Unique Sinus Treatments

Dr. Wilson DuMornay is one of Florida’s leading otolaryngologists, or ear, nose and throat doctors. His success led him to operating out of two Florida offices where he specializes in sinus conditions. As a board-certified ENT surgeon, DuMornay is also a well-trained in expert sinus procedures, but he also advocates for minimally invasive and non-surgical therapies, too. A versatile and dedicated doctor, DuMornay continues to proudly serve Florida, his country and his patients.

Medical Background

A native New Yorker, DuMornay graduated from Temple University School of Medicine in Philadelphia in 1998. After training around the country in hospitals from New Orleans to New York, he became part of a fellowship training at the University of Miami for Head and Neck Oncology with Microvascular Reconstruction. DuMornay finished his fellowship in 2004 and turned his attention to the U.S. Army. He served as a trauma team surgeon in Iraq for one year, giving care to soldiers injured in combat and Iraqi patients. He was deployed two more times and left the military with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel.

Soon after, DuMornay became affiliated with Broward Health Medical Center and is one of seven doctors there who specializes in otolaryngology. At Broward ENT Services, DuMornay is revolutionizing ear, nose and throat care. In his Fort Lauderdale and Plantation offices, DuMornay treats sleep apnea, laryngitis and tonsillitis and provides allergy and vestibular (inner ear) testing. He also provides blepharoplasty services, an eyelid lift procedure that removes fat away from eyes. The procedure is done within hours and has a quick recovery period.

Balloon Sinuplasty

But the treatment DuMornay has pioneered the most is balloon sinuplasty. Also known as balloon dilation surgery, balloon sinuplasty is a minimally invasive alternative to traditional sinus surgery. The procedure opens up clogged sinuses without cutting or removing bone and tissue. DuMornay’s website explain this treatment and more into great detail, including videos and links to related articles. His website also answers often asked questions of patients like signs of needing balloon sinuplasty and whether the procedure if safe, making DuMornay one of the most trusted balloon sinuplasty doctors around. But this online feature isn’t regulated to balloon sinuplasty, the website also runs a blog about general ear, nose and throat care, like how to care for allergies in Florida and what to look for in ear, nose and throat doctors.

DuMornay is certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology, allowing him to perform many complex sinus surgeries. Some procedures include lymph node biopsy, sinus surgery, tracheal surgery and facial plastic and reconstructive surgery.

For his years of practice, DuMornay has been awarded by his peers. He was named a 2017 Top Doctor in Plantation, Florida. The distinction recognizes the achievements of respected and influential doctors in medicine today. Education, research contributions, patient reviews and other quality measures to identify top doctors are considered in the selection process.

The level of expertise DuMornay has in his field coupled with the care and passion he has for his patients make him a loyal and dependable doctor. For more information or to book an appointment or free consult Visit Dr. DuMornay in Fort Lauderdale or Plantation.

Fort Lauderdale Office
3536 N Federal Hwy #102, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308

Plantation Office
3536 S Hospital Drive Suite 15, Plantation FL 33317

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