Staying Healthy and Fit During Quarantine

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Though spring has reared its head around the corner and many of us might want to enjoy the warming weather by going to a local parks for a run, this is unfortunately something we cannot risk. Public health concerns are too great to do much more than to go the grocery store and back. If one is not worried about their own health, they should consider how they could potentially transfer the virus to a loved one who may not be able to fight it off. The sooner we all practice social distancing and stay home, the sooner this situation will end. 

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Staying indoors causes problems for many people who have been on a weight loss journey. Memes about seeing friends post-quarantine and having put on a lot of weight are good for a chuckle, but they are an unfortunate reality many will face. With working form home and the closing of gyms, many will fall into a sedentary lifestyle. To make matters worse, the stress of our current situation may lead some to binge on foods the otherwise would not have.

“Routine is crucial, especially today,” Dr. Dale Eubank from Advanced Weight Loss in Corpus Christi, Texas says. “Sticking to your weight loss routine will not only be good for you physically, but mentally.”

To lose, or maintain, one’s weight, diet is key. If assigned to a specific diet regimen, sticking to that diet as closely as possible will keep one’s weight controlled. Outside of that diet, there are four things everyone should remember when considering their meals.

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  • Eat a lot of fruits and vegetables: Fruits and vegetables are high in vitamins, minerals, and water– all of which we need to stay healthy. They are filling and low in calories, making them great snacks and a necessary addition to meals.
  • Limit sugar intake: Our bodies need some sugar to process energy, but that amount can easily be attained in just a few pieces of fruit. Added sugars and artificial sweeteners are high in calories, hindering one’s weight loss.
  • Limit salt intake: Again, we need salt, but not nearly as much as we regularly consume. The average American consumes double the daily suggested amount of salt, and too much can result in a number of diseases. Reading food labels are crucial to maintaining one’s intake of salt and sugar.
  • Drink water: Increasing the amount of water drank between meals has been shown to help you feel fuller, burn more calories at rest, and eat smaller portions. Drinking water instead of sugary drinks eliminates unnecessary calories.

Exercise is a little more difficult to manage in this time– especially if one relied on a gym or a trainer to get their workout in. There are easy ways, however, to get an exercise in while cooped up indoors.

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  • Body weight exercises: Machines and dumbbells aren’t necessary for resistance training. Utilizing one’s body weight works just as well. Squats, push ups, lunges, planks, and jumping jacks will do the trick.
  • Follow an online routine: Sometimes, it can be difficult to figure out what to do for a workout. Eliminate that problem by looking up an exercise program online. Whether someone wants to follow a yoga or cycling class, there is something for them.
  • Go for a walk: It isn’t advised that you be around others, but that doesn’t mean you can’t get fresh air. In fact, it’s encouraged. Get outside for a half an hour walk around your neighborhood. If you see someone coming, make sure you put distance between you.
  • Jump rope: Jumping rope may be associated with schoolyard games, but after a few minutes this full body workout it is so much more. Clear a space in the house or set up outside and start jumping.

It may seem impossible, but this shows that there are many ways to keep in shape during this difficult time. Make sure to take every day one day at a time, to not punish oneself for mess-ups, and to stay positive. Social distance, follow the updates given by the CDC and WHO, and we will see a change in the situation. Staying fit during this time will not only be good for one’s mind, but will also give them the ability to better fight the virus.

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